Start basketball in Honka

How to get started?

In order to start basketball in Tapiolan Honka, please contact the coach or team manager of the correct team. Contact information can be found on the team’s own website (Joukkueet = Teams, Tytöt = Girls, Pojat = Boys).

They will help you with the details. We will add all Honka players to our myClub member register.

We have a two-week free trial period for new players.

What do I need to bring?

For practice, you need to bring indoor sporting clothes (shorts, t-shirt, indoor sports shoes, a water bottle and a basketball. Basketball size depends on the age group.

What am I committing to?

First two weeks are included in the trial period and are free of charge.

If your child decides after two weeks NOT to continue, inform the coach and/or the team manager.

If your child continues playing basketball, you commit to paying the monthly fee and the club membership fee. If your child wants to leave the club, you will need to fill out the membership cancellation form.

What does it cost?

All members/players are required to pay both the membership fee and the season fee (invoiced monthly). Invoices are sent via the myClub register.

The season fee depends on the team. With the season fees, the club finances its biggest expenses: gym rentals, game uniforms, competition fees, administrative fees and coaches’ salaries.

More information about season fees HERE (in Finnish).


Tapiolan Honka uses myClub for member register, event management, communications and invoicing.

Coach or team manager will add your child to the team’s myClub and send you the account activation link. After that you can manage your child’s events (register to practices etc.) and will also receive all team’s communication.

Please remember to keep your child’s information up to date in myClub.

Further information

For more information, please contact the coach or manager of the appropriate team. You can also contact Antti Viitanen (antti.viitanen (at) / 050 5839953).