Cancel membership

When signing up to Tapiolan Honka basketball, you are required to pay the season fee payments, until you fill out the membership cancellation form. You can end the invoicing only by filling out the form below!

Membership cancellation form must be filled before the 15th day of the month. In that case half of the month’s payment will be credited and the player may continue until the 15th. If the cancellation is done after the 15th, there will be no refunds for that month’s payment. In this case the player may continue until the end of the month. If the cancellation is done between March 15th and May 31st, there will be no refunds.

NOTE! Game uniform must be returned to the club office (in Honkahalli) within two weeks of filling the form. Please include a note about whose uniform is returned. If the uniform is not returned, there will be an additional invoice of 80 EUR.

If you have any questions regarding season fees, please contact club office at

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